Midget Herald- Dripping into the art of fashion

By Mark Rios


Mark Ríos a.k.a Mr Dripping (@mrdrippingofficial) is a Barcelona artist born in 1987, has needed all his life to express himself through drawing, painting, art…
One summer he had a dream that tore him from lethargy, he saw himself painting a few pictures without canvas, only painting is the picture, the appearance is quite similar to those that he finally carried out. After this dream he devoted an entire summer to this exploration of a new form of art despite family pressure. It was not easy at first to come up with something that surprised and hooked him. He sought help in the influence of Polock as well as in his own technical exploration, developing the technique known as “Dripping”.His abstract artwork inspired him to create something recognizable: bodies, faces and shapes. He developed his own style but made it something different. The technique itself is fast and it took Mr dripping many years to be able to do it today.

From this, grew a profusion on interest in live-painting appointments with clients. It gives the client the maximum art experience as they interact with the artwork. Some clients fly Mr Dripping to their homes around the world so that they can have this art experience, some of them invite friends over to be part of the process, or they develop an experiential event around it. That delivers new commissions.

At a client’s event or wedding, the size of the artwork is pre-agreed as well as the percentage of canvas covering, image position on the canvas etc. This is why a live artwork at a wedding is so appropriate. It is a very intimate, very deep process. All the people and the experiences of the day are poured into the very powerful, unique artistic performance that delivers a tangible capturing of emotion.

His work gets praise from adverts, event agencies, fashion brands, and hotels. His clients include Chris Brown, Neymar Jr, Major Lazer, Nyjah Huston, Sara Sampaio, Cindy Kimberly, Nieves Alvarez, and many more. After being immersed in fashion his whole life Mark rios a.k.a. Mr Dripping recently switched his canvas for silk to create his own wearable clothing. Launching a quality range of informal clothing bearing his artwork. You can view his limited pieces at Mrdripping.shop.