Vents Magazine- Interview with Mark Rios

By Mark Rios


 February 17, 2021

Hi Mark Rios, a.k.a. Mr. Dripping (@mrdrippingofficial)!


Where are you from?

I am from Barcelona Spain, I am Catalan born and raised. 

What is your greatest inspiration for your art?

My journey as Mr Dripping started with a dream. I saw an expansive white gallery, endless white walls within which was a dripping black emulsion. It solidified, suspended within this virgin space. My methodology of pouring is being labeled as contemporary art is inspired by early 19th century artists such as Francis Picabia, Jackson Pollock, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. In fact, the origin of pouring or dripping is far older than that. Tibetan Buddhist history refers to controlled pouring for mandala art taught by Buddha Sakyamuni, 600 BC. I chose to accept the canvas work as the tangible manifestation of my dream’s intentions. The initial part of the journey was very abstract, not as far as Jackson Pollock’s, the shape was mostly recognizable. I continually become better at the fine details, my control is very refined. There are failures, there are mistakes but that is the exquisite pain of this methodology.

What are 3 words that describe your art?


What is the hardest subject you’ve ever written about?

I would like to say the hardest subject I have written about is myself. I recently released  my own theme song that I had to write the lyrics for with the help of Bryant_Goodlife. The song speaks about my life as a artist doing commission  paintings for famous individuals such as Chris Brown, Neymar Jr, Major Lazor, Nyjah Huston, Sara Sampaio, Cindy Kimberly, Niever Alvarex, and many more. The song is currently on spotify check it out it’s called “Mr Dripping”

What are the challenges of being an artist?

One challenge of being an artist is constantly being relevant. This is why I am always trying to move forward with new projects and new design of my art work. I dont ever want to fall out of style and I have been pretty good at staying popular since I never stop working because I am in love with what I do. I am always creating and innovating my art and creations. I am constantly coming up with my next next masterpiece in my dreams.

Are you planning on releasing art soon?

I just released my own limited-edition merchandise that I just released and I am also currently working on my own interpretation of sculptures that are anywhere from small to human sized that my fans  can have on their coffee table and or front door entrance. I am constantly creating new pieces and working with new colors for my canvas pieces. 

Follow Mr. Dripping on Instagram here

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Midget Herald- Dripping into the art of fashion

By Mark Rios


Mark Ríos a.k.a Mr Dripping (@mrdrippingofficial) is a Barcelona artist born in 1987, has needed all his life to express himself through drawing, painting, art…
One summer he had a dream that tore him from lethargy, he saw himself painting a few pictures without canvas, only painting is the picture, the appearance is quite similar to those that he finally carried out. After this dream he devoted an entire summer to this exploration of a new form of art despite family pressure. It was not easy at first to come up with something that surprised and hooked him. He sought help in the influence of Polock as well as in his own technical exploration, developing the technique known as “Dripping”.His abstract artwork inspired him to create something recognizable: bodies, faces and shapes. He developed his own style but made it something different. The technique itself is fast and it took Mr dripping many years to be able to do it today.

From this, grew a profusion on interest in live-painting appointments with clients. It gives the client the maximum art experience as they interact with the artwork. Some clients fly Mr Dripping to their homes around the world so that they can have this art experience, some of them invite friends over to be part of the process, or they develop an experiential event around it. That delivers new commissions.

At a client’s event or wedding, the size of the artwork is pre-agreed as well as the percentage of canvas covering, image position on the canvas etc. This is why a live artwork at a wedding is so appropriate. It is a very intimate, very deep process. All the people and the experiences of the day are poured into the very powerful, unique artistic performance that delivers a tangible capturing of emotion.

His work gets praise from adverts, event agencies, fashion brands, and hotels. His clients include Chris Brown, Neymar Jr, Major Lazer, Nyjah Huston, Sara Sampaio, Cindy Kimberly, Nieves Alvarez, and many more. After being immersed in fashion his whole life Mark rios a.k.a. Mr Dripping recently switched his canvas for silk to create his own wearable clothing. Launching a quality range of informal clothing bearing his artwork. You can view his limited pieces at

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La vanguardia- Chris Brown

By Mark Rios

Ver artículo en La vanguardia

Las excentricidades de Chris Brown en Barcelona, que evitó el contacto con sus fans
MADRID, 28 (CHANCE) La visita de Chris Borwn a Barcelona no ha estado exenta de polémica. Su comportamiento durante su estancia en nuestro país no ha agradado a unos fans que estaban muy ilusionados con la primera actuación del ex de Rihanna en nuestro país.



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Harpers Baazar - Star individually scholarship fundraising launch raises money to support emerging artists

By Mark Rios


Since its inception in 2014, Star Individuality Foundation has funded 17 full art scholarships for emerging artists

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Mundo Deportivo- Jelemme lanza la camiseta solidaria con más estilo

By Mark Rios

  • La iniciativa HELP #ayudaconestilo cuenta con el apoyo de personalidades de todos los ámbitos

  • Ha puesto en marcha una campaña para recaudar fondos para el Banco de Alimentos mediante la venta de una prenda disponible en atractivos diseños

Cristina Cubero con la campaña solidaria HELP y los directivos de Jelemme y Guillem Balaguer

La firma Jelemme by Mark Ríos ha puesto en marcha la campaña  #ayudaconestilo, que recauda fondos para el Banco de Alimentos mediante la venta de una camiseta solidaria disponible en distintas y siempre muy atractivas versiones.

Los diseños de la prenda, que cuesta 25 euros, pueden verse en el Instagram @jelemme, donde asimismo se ofrece información sobre la iniciativa.

La campaña cuenta con el apoyo de personalidades de todos los ámbitos y asimismo pasó por el stand de MD en el Village del Barcelona Open Banc de Sabadell - Trofeo Godó 2013.

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Kultur magazine- Mr. Dripping Amari Bugatti- Fashion Channel

By Mark Rios

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Telecinco- Flash Moda

By Mark Rios

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Insolid Corten Bcn- Mark Ríos o Mr. Dripping

By Mark Rios

In Blog

Hace poco hemos conocido al artista Mark Ríos, conocido como Mr. Dripping en el mundo del arte. Nacido en Barcelona en 1987, en un principio encaminó su carrera hacia el diseño de moda.

Primero se centró en el mundo de la moda creando su propia marca de ropa y complementos, y al cabo de un tiempo vio la necesidad de un cambio en su trayectoria profesional y emprendió el camino del arte.

Se dedicó todo un tiempo a explorar la pintura por si mismo, a salir de lo convencional y buscar una técnica que lo convirtiera en diferente, y así, poco a poco, desarrolló la técnica del dripping (goteo).

El dripping es una técnica pictórica característica del Action Painting, que llevó a la fama artistas como Pollock. Se trata de dejar chorrear la pintura sobre el lienzo,  consiguiendo una gran exactitud y control sobre la pintura, jugando con la densidad, la viscosidad y el tipo de pintura.

Estamos ante un artista que posee un dominio impresionante del dibujo. Mark Ríos ha sabido actualizar de forma inteligente una técnica como el dripping y ofrecer una obra distinta, sincera, fresca en su ejecución y elegante en el resultado final.

Actualmente con sede en Los Ángeles y Barcelona, Mark trabaja en su Mr. Dripping Gallery, donde organiza performance, exhibiciones y otros eventos para continuar difundiendo su talento y dando a conocer su trabajo a nivel internacional.

Nos gusta su trabajo, es un artesano que trabaja con sus manos creando belleza en sus cuadros, arte.

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