Seekers time- Mr. Dripping's hold on the modern art scene

By Mark Rios

Mark Rios aka Mr. Dripping’s Hold on the Modern Art Scene

Mark Rios, or better known as Mr. Dripping, has been taking the modern art scene by storm. From self-proclaimed artist to successful fashion designer, Rios is a self-taught, self-made, ever working man with tons of promise and is not even close to his career’s pinnacle.

Coming from Spain at an early age, Mr. Dripping was something different very early on. Mark Rios created this unique self-dripping technique that has reached many and stretched from cities worldwide. This being where he got his name, Mark stood over most modern artists as he had created something no one else had.

With the current climate and saturation in the art and fashion scene, recycled ideas and fads are often, but Mark brought something entirely new to the table. Equipped with his style and self-found techniques known as Dripping Art, he has landed his artwork in multiple galleries and exhibitions around the world.

For him, he drives for people to have an experience when they come to see his work. He strives to reach people and leave a memorable moment for everyone who comes to visit. Capitalizing on emotions and how strong art can be a task that most artists never learn. Being able to not only hold the attention of your viewers but make them feel something from what they’re looking at is not only rare, it’s nearly unheard of. Having your own heart in your work and getting others to care about the work just as much as you do only makes his work shine brighter. Mr. Dripping just had a release of a limited clothing collection with limited edition pieces made by the loyal fans of his artistic work.

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